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Medical Emergency Response Solutions


Monitored Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS)

A team of emergency response professionals is ready to provide you with rapid response to your need for emergency care.

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Home Assure


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OnTheGo LiTE

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OnTheGo Elite

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RemoteCare 24/7

For any one of the above three devices, a convenient app for your personal caregiver:

  • To get your GPS location instantly and up to date weather information wherever you are.
  • To view the battery life of your device.
  • To view information about your allergies, medical conditions medications, your doctors and other caregivers.

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Caretaker Sentry

Caretaker Sentry

Quick & easy 24-hour push-button access to...

  • Your health care provider or caretaker
  • Emergency Response Service
                             ...on the same console!

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Non-Monitored Personal Emergency Response Systems

No monthly fees


Freedom Alert

Freedom Alert

Quick and easy push-button access to your health care team!

  • Up to four phone numbers can be programmed to call any one of your care givers.
  • Can be set to automatically dial 9-1-1 if no one else can be contacted.
  • Two-way voice communication through the water resistant pendant.

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Community Living
Emergency Response Solutions

Coming Soon!

A mobile critical notification and communication system to download as an app on your smart phone. Now community living facilities can have a personal emergency transmitter available for every resident, supervised by our professional emergency response operators, 24 hours a day. Signals from each app-based personal transmitter are uniquely identified at our emergency monitoring center and a live operator responds by, first, calling the resident then dispatching a local first responder service to the precise street address and person’s living quarters.



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